Two Recent Testimonials That I am Proud Of

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Steve Boucher, Communications & Legislative Director, NH Division of Economic Development

“I recently had the good fortune to have Link deliver a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workshop to a group of New Hampshire businesses and was extremely impressed with the feedback I received. Link is truly an expert in not only developing masterful Web sites, but in helping those sites receive the attention that they deserve. He is a tremendous Web strategist and knows how to help business clients reach their objectives in a well thought out and creative manner. If you truly want to elicit positive attention on the Web, Link and Windhill Design are an excellent choice!” November 30, 2009

Mary Ann Kristiansen, Executive Director at Hannah Grimes

“I’ve worked with Link since just about the beginning of Hannah Grimes. He presented at an e-commerce/web site workshop in 1998 when it was still a fairly new concept. He did a website for our Marketplace and is now volunteering his time to share his knowledge with the entrepreneurs at our Center. While a lot of people have come to this field recently, Link has been a steady player for a long time and has an incredible depth of knowlege as a result.” – December 1, 2009