Do Creative Web Design Services Really Matter?

By April 13, 2010No Comments

There is always the argument that creative web design services are not as important in the success of a web site as much as the content and navigation of the web pages. I think you need both to succeed: good design and great content. Without a doubt, the content is the most important part. Look at sites like Craig’s List and Google. Neither of these sites will win design awards but are obviously very popular. However, don’t be too quick to disregard design and visual appeal when it comes time to redesign your web site.

If design didn’t influence peoples choices, then we would all drive the same kind of car, where the same clothes and live in the same kind of house. With a law abiding driver behind the wheel, a Ford Focus won’t get you to your destination any quicker than a Mercedes Benz. Both vehicles meet the functional need of transportation from A to B. A one story ranch provides shelter just as well as a 5,000 square foot McMansion. So clearly design has a strong hold on people and is part of our subconscious make up. People make snap judgments based on what kind of clothes a person wears and how they dress. They also make those decisions about a company based on its web site design.

Google may drop off tons of visitors to your home page but it is your site’s design and content that will either keep them there or send them to pressing the BACK button. I haven’t found any studies to show how much better good design converts site traffic and maybe it is because ‘good’ design is hard to quantify. After all, someone out there likes the off beat wall paper you find at Home Depot!

Pay attention to your web design. It takes just as much money and time to build a site with good design as it does a bad design. Creative web design services can help transform your brand and identity to an effective site. Just don’t forgot to pay even more attention to your content!

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