Experience Homes Group had a custom IDX real estate web site that was originally build in 2008. The site had ranked well organically in Google for nearly a decade but over time, the site was not as mobile friendly or well optimized for today’s user experience. Windhill redesigned the site using WordPress and an IDX plugin that allowed for much easier control and ability to create custom landing pages like this page for Lake Winnipesaukee condos for sale under $500,000. The previous site made it hard to create custom content pages and so it was a great advantage to move the site to the WordPress platform.

Development costs were also greatly reduced by nearly 80% due to the ability to use WordPress and and existing IDX plugin to provide the search features and functionality. The new site looks great and performs well and organic traffic has already started to increase. Windhill is now actively working on building more waterfront landing pages, developing new content and working on off site SEO to further improve lead flow for the Experience Homes Group web site.

The web site can be viewed online at www.NHFineHomes.com.