Wordpress Maintenance

Looking for help updating your WordPress site?

WordPress powers much of the web sites online these days and Windhill has been working with WordPress for over a decade. Let us help you manage your WordPress site and keep it updated.

WordPress Security

Windhill can help you improve your site's security to reduce the risk of hacking or virus intrusions that could disrupt your business.

Content Updates

We can help you make regular content updates to your site. Add, remove, edit existing content to keep your site fresh and current.

Uptime Monitoring

Email and SMS alerts to notify us the moment your site goes down so we can restore it as quickly as possible.

Page Speed

Many WordPress themes are not properly optimized out of the box. Let us help you reduce your page load times to improve customer experiences and SEO.

WordPress SEO Audit

With over a decade of WordPress and SEO experience, we can help you optimize your site for greater search engine visibility.

Mobile User Experience

How fast does your WordPress load on a mobile device? Is the user experience engaging and fluid on a Smartphone? Many web sites are still designed with a desktop first mindset.

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