Web Site Audit

Before you start investing resources in online marketing, you should assess your current position with a website audit.

Windhill Design will thoroughly review your web site, your competition and perform  keyword research. We’ll check for coding errors, look at on page optimization, check your competition and get a sense of where you currently rank. The goal is to determine what sort of challenges lie ahead and help prepare a customized online marketing plan. As part of this audit process we will:

  • Review and assessment of targeted keywords. Return a list of keyword phrases and a suggested list of recommended keyword phrases.
  • Suggestions for optimization of content. Make recommendations and advise client to develop keyword-based content.
  • Review current back links and make suggestions.
  • Analysis of current web statistics for future comparison. (if available)
  • Review what pages on your site are currently indexed. (for existing web sites)
  • Additional content and development recommendations.
  • Competitor analysis of keywords, incoming links, techniques used, etc.
  • Review your presence and participation in social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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