When I had to send large files to people (over 10 mb) and didn’t want to risk the issues with attaching them by email, I used to open my FTP program, upload the files, rename them if needed, copy the URL and then e-mail that to people. I had more or less accepted this as a suitable option but ever since a friend suggested DropBox as an even simpler way. He was right! After I installed the FREE software, a new folder was created on my computer. Any files I add to that folder automatically get synced with an online folder.

So now when I need to send large files, I just copy them to my Dropbox folder, right click on them and get the Public Link and then paste that into my e-mail. No more messing with FTP programs. It works great. There is also the ability to access your online drop box from remote computers, mobile devices so you important files are always accessible to you. There is a public and private folder option and you can create additional folders. It is like having remote storage fully synced to all your devices. And did I mention it was free?!!!

What is PHP 5.6 and why should I care?

PHP is a scripting language that runs on your web site server. It is required to power most modern web sites including those build with popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. When a web server is first setup, it will most likely be configured to run the latest version of all server software programs like PHP. This is very similar to when you purchase a new desktop computer with Windows. You’ll most likely purchase it with the latest version at that time. Fast forward three, four, five or more years and there is a good chance that version of Windows is not longer the most current. The same applies for web servers which are computers too. Most of us do not own or control the servers our web sites reside on but we’re all paying a web hosting company for web site hosting services and good hosts will keep their servers current. At Windhill, we have multiple web hosting servers with multiple versions of PHP available.

Why should I upgrade to PHP 7.x?

Just like your smart phone, tablet or computer, the operating system software on web hosting servers age over time as newer versions are developed and older versions are no longer supported. The term ‘End-Of-Life’ is used to refer to versions that are no longer supported. What does that mean? It means that the software developer is no longer going to issue security fixes or updates as future vulnerabilities are discovered. As of this writing, the chart below which can be seen live here shows that only PHP versions 7.3 and 7.4 have active support (green bars). PHP 7.2 (orange bar) has security fixes only through November 30, 2020. A lot of web sites running on WordPress are still running on PHP 5.6 which saw support end in 2018.