Sergio Susanu

Web Programming


I’m Sergio Susanu and i specialize in custom website development. Our team at Windhill Design will brainstorm and think of new ways to make your business stand out! We will explore new ideas and create tailored digital tools for your customers. We want you to communicate efficiently with them as well as acquire new ones. Everything we do is for them. They are our starting point. They’re happy, you’re happy, we’re happy. My part will be to write the code for that to happen. I aspire for innovation (read – crazy new ideas) and i love challenges (i see them as a chance to grow and they make my daily job so interesting!). I don’t know exactly how sane i am considering i’ve learned the following skills: html5, css3, jquery, php, laravel, ajax, wordpress, java, android development, c, unix etc, but hey! – that’s an entrepreneurial state of mind. It helps me to understand you – the entrepreneur and work for you efficiently. And thank you for that i don’t have to go hunting to eat dinner. I do love fishing though.

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