Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes many techniques. At Windhill Design LLC we understand these techniques and stay on top of the ongoing changes that occur. We also stay focused on the overriding goal of SEO: increase targeted traffic and convert that traffic to customers. We make it as easy as possible for your customers and prospective customers to find you and do business…and make your web site as profitable for your business as possible!

SEO consulting and planning

Windhill Design LLC offers a range of planning and consulting services. From one-time or periodic NH SEO assessments and recommendations to full-service packages that keep us hands-on and plugged-in to your evolving SEO needs. Search engines are always changing. We’ll help you understand how to best leverage SEO and improve your rankings.

We’ll design a custom SEO plan to meet your New Hampshire business needs and your budget. Today, many web developers unrealistically promise first page rankings on Google. We educate our clients and make sure they understand the realities of the SEO process. In fact, if we don’t feel we can provide a reasonable return on investment for your SEO budget, we’ll tell you up front.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The cornerstone of Windhill Design LLC’s approach to SEO revolves around a comprehensive organic methodology. That means our SEO efforts identify the correct keyword phrases for your web site; research your online competition; optimize your text, meta-tags and page titles; and establish a linking campaign. Here’s a bit more detail:

Keyword Research. We’ll help you find the search terms that people actually use in your industry, category or market segment. And we’ll identify terms that may be less popular, but will help you rise above your competition. We will also explore the top competing web sites for your keywords, analyze their page structure and back linking, and recommend best approaches.

On Page Optimization. Optimization includes selecting the best title and meta-tags for page identification; embedding keywords; rewriting and adding page content; optimizing images and navigation; and cleaning up code to be compliant with Web standards.

Establish a Linking Campaign. We’ve learned that quality internal links and “back links” are a big part of a robust SEO program. We’ll work with you to develop a linking strategy.

Measurement and Monthly Reports. Our pragmatic, results-oriented approach means that analyzing results and measuring success is absolutely critical. For example, every month we’ll send you a detailed, multi-page report that shows how each of the keyword phrases are ranking on the major search engines. Combined with your web site traffic reports, we can determine the extent to which SEO efforts are increasing traffic, and ultimately, your conversion of visitors to customers.

To learn more about the difference that an intelligent Search Engine Optimization approach can make, give us a call!

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