Local Search

Ever do a search in Google and see a little map show up with push pins?

If so, you have just experienced what is known as a ‘local search’. Search engines try to give the user local listings when a search contains geographical terms like cities, states and towns in the search phrase.

Local Search is the new yellow pages. When consumers and businesses need to locate a local company, more and more of them are going online and searching. How you rank in local search is completely unrelated to how you rank in the
‘natural’ or ‘organic search listings. In fact, Google is now blending local and organic search results so it is even more critical to ensure your are optimized for local search.

So how do search engines like Google rank local listings? Watch the Google video below for some insight.

What does Jeremy mean when he says “sources across the Web” regarding prominence? That is where Windhill Design comes in. We know what factors influence local search rankings and can help you optimize your companies local search listings.

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