Conversion Rate Optimization

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO) anyway? Why add one more acronym to the mix of online marketing?

Conversion rate optimization refers to optimizing your web site to increase the visitor to lead/sale ratio. Simply put, it is making more from the visitors you already get. Most people want more traffic and more leads. However, investments made in CRO have higher and longer term ROI than any other form of optimization.

Most web sites are designed with no consideration to conversion. Look at your web site. Is it clear what action you want a visitor to take? If you have an e-commerce site the path is a little clearer… you want someone to make a purchase. But what if you offer professional services instead? Is your web site simply a glorified online brochure, listing your services, background and some glowing testimonials?

Let’s suppose the average web site converts 2% of the visitors in to leads or sales. That means for every 100 visitors to your site, 98 are leaving without you ever knowing who they are. Talk about lost opportunities!

So what if your site was optimized with clear landing pages and intentional call-to-actions? What if we could improve the conversion rate to 4%. Once this work is done and paid for you will be getting TWICE as many leads as before with no ongoing costs!

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