Going through your WordPress dashboard is easy once you learn where to look. If you’re looking for how to find page ID on WordPress, then this article is for you. First, you need to know that each page on your WP account has a different ID. There are also two ways to get the ID of each page.  In this article, we’ll take you through both methods step by step. Let’s dig in.

Finding the Page ID Without Using a Plugin

Here are easy and clear steps to help you find your WP page ID without using a WP plugin.

Step 1: Open All Pages

Open your WP dashboard and click on Pages on the left side of the screen then select All Pages. A list of all your pages will appear.

Step 2: Hover Over Pages

Hover over the page that you want to know its ID. You’ll find the ID in the link that appears at the left bottom of your page. The ID number is that number after the word post and the equal sign (post=).

Step 3: Click on Pages

You can also click on the page instead of hovering. In this case, the ID will show in the URL on the address bar at the top. This step is more practical if you want to copy the ID number and paste it somewhere else.

Finding the Page ID Using the Reveal ID Plugin

Using the Reveal IDs Plugin is a more organized way to find your page’s ID. It also makes controlling your pages and posts an easier task.  It’s a free plugin used by many WP users for being an efficient and fast tool. The plugin is the ideal choice if you want to work on multiple pages at once. In case you want to save time and effort, here is how to use the plugin step by step.

Step 1: Download From the Website

Download the plugin from WordPress official website by simply clicking on the download button.

Step 2: Unzip the File

Unzip the downloaded file. Then, upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Step 3: Activate Plugin

Go to your WP admin panel to activate the plugin.

Step 4: Add Plugin from the Dashboard

For another installation method, open your WP dashboard and select Plugins then select Add New.

Step 5: Install and Activate

Search for the Reveal IDs Plugin by Oliver Schlöbe. After that, click Install Now and Activate.

Step 6: Open All Pages

After installation, the plugin will work automatically on your WP. Select Pages then select All Pages from the left side of your screen. A list of all your pages will appear with an additional ID column on the right side.

Step 7: View and Hide ID Column

You can easily control viewing or hiding the ID column from the Screen Options on the menu page.

Final Thoughts

Successfully finding your pages’ IDs will make it easier for you to organize your content. It’s also essential when coding and adjusting your WP site.  Moreover, you can control and customize widgets and themes smoothly when knowing the ID of each page and post. If you have more questions concerning WordPress website development don’t hesitate to contact us.