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Client Gets Lead from New Web Site Still in Development

By February 27, 2010No Comments

Call it luck or just good timing. I am working on a web site for a small book publisher in the White Mountains called Bondcliff Books.  While the site is live, it isn’t 100% finished yet as the client is still uploading inventory details and we still have some final tasks to complete. Because of this, we haven’t performed any search engine optimization or online promotion so far. However, that didn’t stop a buyer for PBS’s online store shopPBS.org, of all places, to send an e-mail via the web site, expressing an interest in carrying a book of his in their store!

I am not sure how this buyer found my client’s web site but it goes to show that there are always people looking for our products and services online and if we are not there, we’ll never know if a great opportunity has passed us by.

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