Relevancy Rules in Email Marketing

Just about every small business has either engaged or considered engaging in some form of e-mail marketing. With the rapid rise of companies like Constant Contact and MailChimp, it is very easy for any business, regardless of size or budget, to start building an opt-in e-mail list of customers, clients and prospects.

I just read an interesting post regarding the relevancy of your e-mail’s content. The post references a study that states the average consumer gets 44 e-mails per day. (I guess I am not average since my e-mail box sees hundreds of e-mails per day!).  Of those, 25% are permission-based commercial messages.

The post goes on to list the reasons people are willing to provide their e-mail address (opt-in) to a business for further marketing. It was not surprising that the number one response is ‘to receive discounts and promotions’. Bribery can be a powerful marketing tool!

Read the entire post here.