How to Create a Custom Twitter Background

Like many of you, I didn’t really get Twitter until just a few months ago. Now I’m started to see the potential this growing social media tool has to offer. I’m already a quarter of the way through a great book on Twitter called, “Twitter Power by Joel Comm. Great book so far on how to harness Twitter for business. One of the first things he talks about is how to customize a background image. I’m working on creating one myself so check my twitter page out some time next week and see how it came out.

If you want to create your own background, keep in mind that it should be:

  • 800kb or less in size
  • Around 1891 pixels wide
  • In JPG format

You can hire a company to create one for you or design your own. I went to iStockPhoto and downloaded a vector image and am going to try and work with that.