Learned About Twitter/Social Media @ #NHSMBS

Okay, when I got up this morning I didn’t really know what the pound sign meant when it comes to Twitter. Turns out it’s called a ‘hashtag’. (don’t ask me why it’s called this because I don’t know yet!) A hashtag precedes a ‘tag’ for a series of related posts on Twitter or ‘tweets’ as the Twitter folk call it. If you go to www.twitter.com, and enter the term #nhsmbs, for example, you’ll get a list of all the tweets that various people have made regarding the Social Media Summit event held today at PSNH’s Energy Park in Manchester, NH. I was one of a hundred attendees who learned more about social media, it’s uses for business and specifically, Twitter, one of the more popular sites.

Some of the things I learned were how to automate my social media strategy. For example, I came home and figured out how to make it so when I post to my blog like I’m doing now, that same post will get made to my Twitter account. It also shows up on my web site as well as my business’s Facebook page.

Thanks to Alan & Lani Voivod of Epiphanies, Inc. for putting on a helpful event!