I’ll Eat for 50% OFF Because of Facebook

c-man-logoI’ve been on Facebook for several months now. I admitted during a recent speaking engagement that I wasn’t sure why I was on Facebook, besides a convenient place to share photos of my family. But what was the real business benefits? I figured that if I don’t participate, I sure as heck, won’t realize any benefits.

When I redesigned the Windhill Design web site, I incorporated links to social media, like Facebook, and even setup a ‘page’ for my business on Facebook. I see it as another opportunity to gain exposure and build relationships. Who knows what work I’ll be able to trace back to it.

Well today, I realize a benefit from being on Facebook. Last week I became a ‘fan’ for a local restaurant called The Common Man. They have about a dozen restaurants throughout New Hampshire and my wife and I enjoy visiting them for their casual atmosphere and good food. The had a push to get 1,000 fans last week on Facebook which they did. The ‘reward’ was a coupon for Buy 1 entree, get one for FREE. So by being part of Facebook, I got a coupon for 50% of my next dinner. Cool huh? I realize that the dollar value is small but my point is that if I wasn’t on Facebook, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this.

I’m willing to bet that over the next few years, social media sites like Facebook, will continue to evolve as people use them to track their businesses, friends and more. So if you’re in NH and like the Common Man, go check out their page on Facebook and be a fan!


P.S. Here is another example of how this social media/blogging stuff works. I just ‘blogged’ about my experience with the Common Man on Facebook. Someone else may read this post and join FB or visit the Common Man web site because of what I wrote. See the potential?